Sylvia Ingram Eagle Scholarship

The Sylvia Ingram Eagle Scholarship is established at Central Piedmont Community College in honor and recognition of the distinguished career of Mrs. Eagle within the field of early childhood education. The Sylvia Ingram Eagle Scholarship will support students who have demonstrated a commitment to pursuing an Associate in Applied Science degree in early childhood education. The Scholarship will be a permanently endowed fund with endowment return providing financial assistance to students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program.

Scholarship Eligibility
The following factors will determine a student’s eligibility for the Scholarship. Recipients of the Scholarship will:
• be enrolled in the College’s Early Childhood Education Program
• have completed at least one core class toward their Associate in Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education
• have/maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5
• have financial need as determined by the College
• not be a recipient of funding from the T.E.A.C.H. program

The Sylvia Ingram Eagle Scholarship at Central Piedmont Community College was established by her children to honor and recognize Mrs. Eagle’s distinguished career in the field of early childhood education. Mrs. Eagle attended college in Greensboro and later at Charlotte College. At the time, early childhood education was not a degree program but instead a subject within the Home Economics program. Mrs. Eagle started Kiddie Korner Day Schools in 1950 and grew the business to nine centers, 225-plus employees and 1100 children. Her son, Bob, estimates that his mom served between 25,000 and 50,000 children before selling the business. Mrs. Eagle’s leadership includes serving as the first president of the N.C. Day Care Association, now known as the N.C. Early Childhood Association.