Garinger Education Foundation Scholarship

The mission of the Garinger Education Foundation is to provide scholarship opportunities to graduating students and to enhance the educational program at Garinger High School by developing and supporting initiatives that improve the educational environment for students, teachers, administrators and parents.

Student Eligibility

CPCC/GEF Incentive Award Scholarship Program is for graduates of Garinger High School who attend CPCC.

Incentive Award Criteria

Up to $500 per award is granted (up to $2000 if all awards are achieved)

Awards are granted based on students achieving certain cumulative hours of course credit, maintaining cumulative grade point averages at CPCC, and being registered for a minimum of 6 hours of course work.
• The GEF Award is $250 for each award achieved with a cumulative GPA of 2.0.
CPCC provides a matching award of $250 for each award achieved if a Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or over is maintained

Award Cumulative Hours Achieved GEF Award
GPA >=2.0 CPCC Award
GPA >= 2.5
First 6 $250 $250
Second 15 $250 $250
Third 30 $250 $250
Fourth 45 $250 $250

 Cumulative Hours Achieved include only class hours taken at CPCC
CPCC class hours taken while in high school or in summer school count toward Cumulative Hours Achieved

Up to $1,250
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a graduate of Garinger High School?
  2. Did you graduate Garinger High School at any of the following years?