Early Childhood Education Pathway Scholarship

The Early Childhood Education Pathway Scholarship shall be used to increase Spanish-speaking students pursuing credentials in early childhood education and becoming early childhood educators in the Charlotte region.

To be eligible for the Scholarship, students will be enrolled on a full- or part-time basis in their first year at the College pursuing an associate degree in Early Childhood Education and will be bilingual speakers as demonstrated through interviews with College staff, letters of recommendation, and/or completion of bilingual Early Childhood Education courses at the College. Eligible students will have a minimum high school GPA of 2.5. In addition, eligible students will have a demonstrated financial need as determined by the College.

Scholarship recipients will receive a total of $6,000 for tuition and books while enrolled in the Early Childhood Education associate degree program. A full-time student may receive up to $3,000 per year for a maximum of two years, and part-time student may receive up to $1,500 per year for a maximum of four years. To retain the Scholarship, recipients will be required to maintain a GPA of 2.8; the Scholarship will be revoked If the recipient falls below this standard.

Up to $3,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you completed Central Piedmont class EDU 119 in Spanish?
  2. If you have not completed EDU 119, please upload a letter of recommendation attesting to your ability as a bilingual English-Spanish speaker.